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Where You Will Always Get A Discount

● What is the time limit to accumulate my number of orders in a day?

● What if I give more than 3 orders?

● What if I give 3 orders, and one of the orders has an artwork that digitizing123 can not work on?

● What are the accepted image formats

● How do I pay for my digitizing projects?

● What is the turn-around time?

● What if there is something I don’t like about the digitized tape?

● What if I wanted to change the size after the order has been processed?

● What are the limitations to the artwork/image that we can provide?

● How do I receive the finished digitized file.

● How can you guys give such a big discount?

● Why can't I place an order?

● Why can't I open the DST, the JPG, and/or other embroidery files?



Order placement hours
08:00 AM – 08:00 PM EASTERN TIME

Monday through Friday

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